California Moves, Haltingly, Toward a Post-Lawn Future

The last drought caused many Californians to rip out their lawns, but some now believe the emergency is over. Read at CityLab.

How one Queens high school became a safe haven for children fleeing Central America

In one of the poorest neighborhoods on the very edge of New York City, the Queens High School for Information, Research and Technology took in more undocumented arrivals than any other school in New York. Read at Chalkbeat.

Undocumented teens struggle to balance high school with working the night shift

Students who work overnight jobs sleep for just a few hours before heading into classes at a Queens high school. New York Labor Law says 14-15 year olds can work only from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., but their employers flout the law. Read at Chalkbeat.

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Looking for childcare? Be ready for waitlists, high costs and to quit your job

The daycare shortage affects both middle- and working-class families, the latter of whom face waits for subsidies while the former shoulder steep tuition costs for full-time care. Both groups have to contend with a scarcity of openings in licensed programs. Read at the Fresno Bee.


It’s not just school supplies. Some teachers buy their own classroom furniture, too

Some teachers have resorted to crowdfunding sites in order to purchase the most basic of classroom essentials: desks and chairs. Read at The Fresno Bee.


Should student teachers have to pay for in-classroom experience?

Teaching students at Fresno State are crying foul over a policy that requires them to pay 12 percent of their paychecks back to the university. Read at The Fresno Bee.


Online quizzes are gaining popularity. Some students are hacking them

As Kahoot has exploded in popularity in classrooms, some students have taken to programming bots to spam their class quizzes, with the aim of halting the quiz, flashing an inappropriate name onscreen or getting the answer key. Read at the Fresno Bee.

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Fresno is a book desert, and the effect on kids is 'devastating'

Kids in Fresno have access to just about three books to read over the summer. That makes Fresno a book desert. Read at Fresno Bee.


Clovis Unified is already buying guns. Here’s where the money comes from

District spokeswoman Kelly Avants said on average, the district spends around $3,600 on firearms and $2,281 on ammunition every year. Read at the Fresno Bee.


The head of Fresno’s community colleges just got a pay raise. And tuition is rising

The head of community colleges in Fresno received a pay raise that will eventually bump his salary to $321,421 per year, months after supporting a tuition increase for out-of-state students. Read at the Fresno Bee.


An interactive map of the lead testing conducted at Fresno public schools under AB 746.

Infographic: School data collection.   Proponents say developing a statewide data system to show student growth over time is key to finding out which students are falling behind as they move from K-12 to higher education and the workforce. Read at the Fresno Bee

Fresno artists flock to drink and draw. Artists gather at Fulton 55 to drink, but mostly draw. There is a diversity of styles and attendees. Watch at the Fresno Bee. 

Essays, longform & other

My Dictator: Slobodan Milosevic

On misinformation. At Popula.

I won the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program that Trump wants to end

The diversity visa program gave me and my family a chance at a new life when we desperately needed it. Read at Buzzfeed.


Meal prep helped me deal with my anxiety and then made it worse

I knew I had to stop obsessing over the contents of my fridge. Read at Bon Appetit. 

The internet revolution

How a group of reporters at a Serbian alt-weekly harnessed the fledgling internet to resist a racist, nationalist dictator who had reduced the national mediascape to a joke. Read at Narratively. 

Review: Queen of Spades by Michael Shou-Yung Shum

With his debut novel Queen of Spades, Michael Shou-Yung Shum creates a literary link between two unlikely places — Imperial Russia in the 19th century and Snoqualmie, Washington in the 1980s. Read at Necessary Fiction.

Review: Black Sugar by Miguel Bonnefoy

The opening image of Miguel Bonnefoy’s Black Sugar — a pirate ship marooned in the canopy of a rainforest — invites the suspension of disbelief necessary to fully appreciating the rest of the book. Read at Necessary Fiction.